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Life is a team sport. Confidence wins.

We support teams and communities in their pursuit of increased transparency, absolute trust and a shared vision for "winning".

We are all part of a team at every turn.

And on each team, we play different roles.

Our work helps you explore your role on your team, uncover the potential of your team, and provide the tools to understand how to flourish as a truly GR8 TM8!

We help teams maximize potential.


Thriving mental health can move mountains.

Relationships built on trust thrive.

We have lost our ability to engage.

It is about honesty and positivity.

It is about developing a shared vision.

Humans are meant to flourish in communities built on the principles of engagement, meaning, relationships and shared achievement.

We help build these communities.


We work with teams, of all kinds.

Athletic Leadership

Mental Health Awareness

Corporate Culture

Team Development

Community Engagement.

1:1 Personal Development

Small Group and Full Team Sessions

Marble Surface


I want to help groups of people achieve more by focusing on what they can control, by building trust amongst the members of the team and by providing guidance and support towards establishing a transparent and empathetic team culture.


All of this leads to increased confidence and, in return, increased performance and results. 


As a father, husband, coach and business operator, it has become clear to me that the concepts introduced through my athletic career transcend any single sport. Combined with my advanced academic work in Positive Psychology and Athletic Leadership, it has become evident that we have work to do, as a society, on maximizing our potential and building teams (sports, organizations, communities) grounded in trust and shaped by a growth mindset.

- Adam Stewart  



"Coach Stewart definitely holds the attention of his audience, no matter the size, and is a dynamic and inspirational speaker. His passion for the subject matter inspired my players to take a team first approach.
Our mantra, "Me vs. Me", came from Adam and has helped our players understand how we compete against ourselves to become better players. Adam is worth the cost of admission and his message will resonate with all your coaches and players."

Scott Manahan

HC, Capital University Baseball

Former HC, Bishop Watterson HS Baseball

Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame

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