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Head Coach, Confidence & Culture 

MEd, Positive Coaching Psychology & Athletic Leadership - University of Missouri

BA, Political Science - Denison University

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I love to help people pursue their unique potential and maximize their talents. I love to be the guy behind the scenes, to help navigate the journey, without needing to be the one people see driving the car. 


I have lived an interesting professional life. I have been in sales, I have run a small business, I have been a fundraiser, I have worked in wealth management and I have coached lacrosse at every level from youth to the Final Four of the DIII NCAA Tournament.

Through this 20+ years, I have always been a part of a team. I have always worked with people, for people and had people work for me. But it was not until I got married and started a family where I realized that life, in every facet, is indeed a team sport.


We are always in a position to lead, to follow or simply to support those around us. We are always in a position to build trust, share our vision, and be vulnerable and empathetic to those around us.

Through my work, my mission is simple. I want to help individuals build the confidence and understanding to be a great teammate, be it on the field, in the office, or in their community.

Life is a team sport and we will find more success when we begin to embrace our role and contribute to the successes of others through honesty and empathy.

Yep, this is definitely for me!

Can't wait to partner up!

210 N. Granger Street

Granville, OH 43023


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