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In pursuit of something...

What is it that we are ultimately pursuing?

Is it wins, or sales, or money? In a lot of ways, yes.

Is it approval, 'likes' or 'retweets'? Unfortunately, yes.

These things can be measured. On a scoreboard, a checking account or an iPhone. We like things that can be measured. As a society, we like to keep score. It's ingrained in every fiber of our being. And for each of us, the score we are keeping is different...but it is there.

But what if the ultimate pursuit can't be measured? What if the chase is a race that we will never know if we won or loss? What if we just have to trust that the pursuit is worth it because the fulfillment it brings can't be measured? How do we show our friends or family that we are "successful"? That we are "winning".

I have spent years pursuing "winning". 42 years to be exact. I have hopped in the car of life and driven as fast as possible, too often ending up in traffic and feeling forced to exit and take a new route because this route would be THE route that got me where I wanted to go. Over those years I have added passengers to that car, precious cargo that adds to the pressure of finding THE route to "winning". But the more the pressure builds, the more I realize that I may need to find the nearest rest area, pull off the road, and reevaluate where I am going, how fast I am driving, and most importantly, WHY am I driving in the first place.

In sports, as in life, the passengers in the car will likely change over time. Some folks will be along for the ride for an exit or two and others will be in for the full road trip. The route will change. There will be traffic, there will be accidents, and there will be detours. But those that will endure those obstacles with you, that will help you navigate instead of asking "are we there yet?" are the teammates that we are looking for. Not because they are the most talented or the most popular, but because they understand us. They see our soul and they trust that our pursuit is a worthy road to be on.

Are we there yet? Nope. Absolutely not.

Because if we pursue that which can't be measured, if we have faith and trust in the path instead of angst about the destination, we will never actually "arrive". Instead, we will learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable with the fact that we don't control the route, nor the obstacles

...we only control our willingness to pursue that which can't be measured.

So the next time you find yourself frustrated or depressed, anxious or elated, take a moment to examine why you feel that way. What are you pursuing that is leading to this feeling? Who is in the car with you on this pursuit? Are they asking if you are there yet? Are you asking the same thing?

Because, if our pursuit is pure and our purpose is authentic, we will never truly "arrive"...and that is the best trip we could be on in this life we are given.

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